Bike Friendly Kalamazoo (BFK) surfaces near and long term goals and program needs via an annual poll, feedback from stakeholders and in quarterly community-wide Bike Program Steering Committee meetings.  Please see our Meetings for notes.  Interested in participating?  Please Contact UsBFK has an all-volunteer board with no staff.  Core Teams throughout the community undertake implementation, and we encourage the community to think of creative ways to implement these programs, whether our not you are part of the Bike Program Steering Committee or a Core Team!  

With that in mind, the goals and programs listed below are considered by BFK’s board as eligible for seed, matching and/or full funding from BFK.  We think such support is justified in order to have an impact.  Please see our Bike-Booster Mini-Grants and Scholarships for more information about ways we can help!  For funding programs outside of the ceilings we mention on our website, please Contact Us.

Other goals involve policy and related changes aligned with BFK’s mission to help make our greater community even more bicycle friendly (but we do not believe will require funding from BFK), that we will be working toward as well.  Policy related goals are not listed here but will be addressed as opportunities arise.

Program numbering is for reference and does not indicate priority.

Goal: Improve Public/Rider Safety

  1. Bike light use campaign
  2. Law enforcement: selective traffic law enforcement efforts, bike related equipment
  3. Public Service Announcements: e.g., the Driving Change Program
  4. Signage (Traffic: wayfinding, reducing wrong-way riding, etc.)
  5. Studies & research related to locally relevant best practices (can also be related to the other goals)

Goal: Maintain & Increase Bicycle Friendly Education Opportunities

  1. Bike donations to bike education programs
  2. Support new and existing bike skills education (overlaps with #8)
  3. Increase number of local Certified Cycling Instructors

Goal: Increase Bicycling Participation / Ridership

  1. Bike Maps (overlaps with signing the Southwest Michigan Bikeway; aka KATS “Map 7”)
  2. Events: Kalamazoo Bike Week (, Fall Bike Celebration (
  3. Public Bike-Related Art, Trail Enhancements, Civic Displays & Exhibits
  4. Bike Racks
  5. Bike Security