Welcome to Bike Friendly Kalamazoo!

We’re working to make our greater community even more bicycle friendly, to bring about all the benefits that bicycling entails.  In doing so we will be facilitating many other non-motorized uses, as well.  We’re part of a larger place-building effort aimed at making our area even more attractive as a great environment in which to live, learn, work and play.

Bike Friendly Kalamazoo is a network of volunteers drawn from throughout greater Kalamazoo, together with a number of communities in our metropolitan planning area.  By and large our volunteers are delegates representing stakeholders from local transportation planning and engineering agencies, elected officials, law enforcement, businesses, charitable and philanthropic organizations, education, parks and recreation, healthcare, and employers, in addition to the area’s leading bike clubs, shops, teams and less formal riding groups.

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General Notices

This site is our contribution to the entire community.  It is intended to serve as a handy central resource for useful bike-related information.  The content on this site will evolve and change over time; as such it is subject to change without notice.  Inclusion of items on the site does not imply endorsement; neither have fees been paid to secure a listing.  Views expressed in the items linked to do not necessarily reflect those of Bike Friendly Kalamazoo, its directors, volunteers or participants.  Those using this site or the items it links to should independently verify content purported to be factual.

We update our site often, trying our best to keep it content-rich, with links to authoritative resources.  We can’t predict or automatically detect when other web sites change their content. Our Coronavirus/COVID-19 Notice is maintained on our Meetings page.  If you notice broken links — or have ideas for making our site even more useful — please Contact Us!  

Important Safety Notice: In general, in the State of Michigan, bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of motor vehicles.  Riding a bicycle is not risk-free, and riding hazards and conditions change unpredictably.  The information on this site is only for general reference; bicyclists must use their own good judgment as to the suitability of any trail, path or road and follow applicable laws, trail rules and related regulations.  Wearing a properly fitting bicycle helmet is recommended, and is a requirement on many if not all organized rides in our area.  “Personal safety remains the responsibility of the user” – (Southwest Michigan Planning Commission).

Call 911 to report an emergency/crime; call 343-2100 to report tips to Silent Observer (which also accepts information via text and online) to report tips regarding crimes such as hit and run against bicyclists and non-motorists, among others.  Silent Observer of Kalamazoo County offers rewards for information regarding serious crimes against bicyclists, including hit and runs, thanks to the generosity of anonymous donors.

We are grateful for the generosity of the wonderful institutions and corporations that support
Bike Friendly Kalamazoo’s community-building mission and programs.

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