Friends of BFK are gratefully acknowledged in our Honor Roll.  Contributions of any size are greatly appreciated.  Anything and everything will help make our greater community even more bicycle friendly.  Please Donate to support our great Goals & Programs today to support our efforts to build community through bicycling.

Honor Roll: Friends of BFK

Champion’s Circle
Platinum $2,500
– Anonymous
– Jan & Ed Sackley
Gold $1,750
Silver $1,000
– Paul Runnels
Bronze $750

Pioneer’s Circle
Patron $500
– Edward Sackley
Leader $250
– Stephanie Kennedy
Donor $100
– Deb Carpenter
– Hayden Guild
– Jim Heath
– Mark Miller
– Terry O’Connor
– Paul Rehkopf
– Randall Schau
– Matthew Wells*

Advocate’s Circle
Supporter $75
– Anonymous
Contributor $50
– Barbara Hart
– Paul Matyas
– Sarah Moyer-Cayle
– Tim Putney
Booster $25
– Paul Guthrie
– Koriel Jock
Ambassador $10
– Anonymous

Honorary members of the Friends of BFK will be updated at least quarterly and refreshed at the beginning of each New Year.  Contributions received between October and December will be posted for the entire coming year.  Honorary sustaining members have elected to contribute monthly and are noted with an asterisk following their name.  Their level of giving is noted based on contributions received to our most recent quarterly update.  We are deeply thankful for any and all donations.

Benefits of belonging to the Friends of BFK include invitation to our public meetings and the opportunity to participate in our annual and special surveys to surface priority needs in our community.  You’ll also have the chance to help deliver important bicycling related programs as your time and interest permit.

If you wish to contribute anonymously, please Write a Note where indicated on the PayPal form or in other written instructions if you mail a check.