Local Bike Clubs, Teams & Organizations

Our community is home to a number of bike clubs, teams, and special interest groups such as bicycle-oriented educational and charitable organizations.  A number of local bicycle shops also host regular rides and fun events.  Ride leaders and organizers: please see the section below for links to guidelines you may find useful.

The group that puts on Kalamazoo Bike Week is in a class by itself.  This has been an annual event held in May that showcases many bicycle related activities and organizations that make our community so bicycle friendly.  If you want to get involved either as an event organizer or volunteer, check out their web site or Contact us (we’ll do our best to relay your message).

National bicycling organizations and organizations with a non-motorized (bicyclists, mobility challenged and pedestrian) focus or that relate in some way to bicycle tourism are listed under our Resources > Organizations page.


Kalamazoo Bicycle Club

Southwest Michigan Mountain Biking Association

The Chain Gang Bicycle Club


Race Teams

Team Clark Logic


Team Priority Health

Team Taylor


Open Roads Bike Program

Charitable and Service

AMBUCS Alive After Five

Friends of the Kalamazoo River Valley Trailway

Kalamazoo Strong

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County

Safe Kids Kalamazoo County

Silent Observer of Kalamazoo County, Inc.  (Hotline for Tips: 343-2100)

Ride & Bike Interest Groups

These are groups we’ve been told are in the area, but may not have their own web site.  Please let us know is you hear of others.  Please use BFK’s Contact page to let us know about their web site, or, to ask us to forward your interest to someone we may know is associated with the group.

Gear Geezers

Monday Morning Cruisers  (Organized by Kalamazoo County Parks; may be the same as the KRVT Bicycle Club)

PSC Bikers Club  (Formerly known as the “Portage Pedalers.”  Contact the Portage Senior Center for details and ride schedule.)

TOAD Bicycle Cooperative

Ride Leader & Organizer Ideas and Guidelines

The links below point to examples of how to lead and organize rides that you may find useful.  Searching the web using terms such as “bicycle ride leader guidelines,” “bicycle ride organizer tips,” etc. will turn up many more.  Please see our local club web sites (above), to find more local examples.  When organizing a race sanctioned by a governing body, be sure to consult that organization’s requirements.

Blue Ridge Bicycle Club Ride Leader Guidelines  A brief page including what to do before and during rides, and safety.  This one contains links to release and liability waivers, plus an incident report form.

Guide to Organizing a Bicycle Event  A brief set of sound guidelines from the League of Michigan Bicyclists.

How to Organize Your Own Themed Group Bike Ride  A fun and informative overview that applies to many types of rides, including social rides, themed rides and club rides.

Kalamazoo Bicycle Club Ride Leader Guide  A one page guide defining what it means to be a ride leader and describing how to lead a ride.

Kalamazoo Bicycle Club Rides: Rules of the Road  A one page guide listing key expectations of riders when riding on KBC’s rides.  Stresses important riding and communication skills with an emphasis on how to ride in a group.

New York Bicycle Club Ride Leader Training Manual  An example of an extensive manual, based partly on the Cascade Bicycle Club’s (Seattle, WA) certification program.

Oklahoma Bicycle Society Ride Leader Guidelines  A brief page covering what to do before and during rides, considering the needs of new riders, and safety.