BFK holds public meetings as needed; “all-hands” meetings are not currently scheduled on a fixed basis.  Committees may meet more regularly according to their own schedules and release meeting notes or minutes as they see best.  We strive to email minutes to BFK participants one-two weeks after a public meeting during which minutes have been recorded.  Some BFK meetings are not formal; minutes are not always kept. This page is updated as time permits to facilitate open access to minutes previously sent to participants; minutes are most recent version available.  Dates are coded in YYMMDD format.

There may be inadvertent omissions in this list.  Please let us know if you have minutes for any BFK meetings not listed below!

Note that until our participants named our network “Bike Friendly Kalamazoo” (“BFK” for short), minutes reflected a more generic working name (specifically, Bike Friendly Community or BFC).

Minutes, Notes and Related BFK Documents

Minutes 190627 (Most recent version)

“Local Bicycling Developments – 2019 & Beyond” Presentations 190515

Minutes 190328

Proceedings 190228

KBW 2019 Planning Session Results – Sortable Tallies – from 180920 (List of new ideas for Kalamazoo Bike Week 2019)

Bike Week 2019 Planning Session Summary 180920 (Most recent version)

“Local Bicycling Developments – 2018 & Beyond” Presentations 180516

Minutes 180326 (See here for additional ideas for making the community more bike friendly received after these minutes were released)

Minutes 170824

“Local Bicycling Developments – 2017 & Beyond” Presentations 170517

Minutes 170119

Bike Route Funding Brainstorming Meeting Notes 160811

Minutes 160804

“Local Bicycling Developments – 2016 & Beyond” Presentations 160518

Minutes 160414

Minutes 151112

Minutes 151027

Minutes 150917

Minutes 150415

Minutes 141211

Minutes 141002

Minutes 140820

Minutes 140625

Minutes 140514

Minutes 140327

Education Committee Notes 140312

Education Committee Notes 140212

Minutes 131205

Minutes 131114

Minutes 131003

Minutes 130117

Minutes 121025

Route Planning Advisory Vote Results 121025

Minutes 120412

Minutes 120320

Minutes 120221

Minutes and Brainstorm Ideas From 110908

Minutes and Brainstorm Ideas From 110818

Minutes and Brainstorm Ideas From 110712

Minutes and Brainstorm Ideas From 110602 – v110614